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Parameter Struct Reference

#include <DistrhoPlugin.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Parameter () noexcept
 Parameter (uint32_t h, const char *n, const char *s, const char *u, float def, float min, float max) noexcept
void initDesignation (ParameterDesignation d) noexcept

Public Attributes

uint32_t hints
String name
String symbol
String unit
ParameterRanges ranges
ParameterEnumerationValues enumValues
ParameterDesignation designation
uint8_t midiCC

Detailed Description


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Parameter::Parameter ( )

Default constructor for a null parameter.

Parameter::Parameter ( uint32_t  h,
const char *  n,
const char *  s,
const char *  u,
float  def,
float  min,
float  max 

Constructor using custom values.

Member Function Documentation

void Parameter::initDesignation ( ParameterDesignation  d)

Initialize a parameter for a specific designation.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t Parameter::hints

Hints describing this parameter.

See Also
Parameter Hints
String Parameter::name

The name of this parameter.
A parameter name can contain any character, but hosts might have a hard time with non-ascii ones.
The name doesn't have to be unique within a plugin instance, but it's recommended.

String Parameter::symbol

The symbol of this parameter.
A parameter symbol is a short restricted name used as a machine and human readable identifier.
The first character must be one of _, a-z or A-Z and subsequent characters can be from _, a-z, A-Z and 0-9.

Parameter symbols MUST be unique within a plugin instance.
String Parameter::unit

The unit of this parameter.
This means something like "dB", "kHz" and "ms".
Can be left blank if a unit does not apply to this parameter.

ParameterRanges Parameter::ranges

Ranges of this parameter.
The ranges describe the default, minimum and maximum values.

ParameterEnumerationValues Parameter::enumValues

Enumeration values.
Can be used to give meaning to parameter values, working as an enumeration.

ParameterDesignation Parameter::designation

Designation for this parameter.

uint8_t Parameter::midiCC

MIDI CC to use by default on this parameter.
A value of 0 or 32 (bank change) is considered invalid.
Must also be less or equal to 120.

This value is only a hint! Hosts might map it automatically or completely ignore it.

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