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Window Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Window:
ImageAboutWindow StandaloneWindow


struct  FileBrowserOptions

Public Member Functions

 Window (Application &app)
 Window (Application &app, Window &parent)
 Window (Application &app, intptr_t parentId, double scaling, bool resizable)
void show ()
void hide ()
void close ()
void exec (bool lockWait=false)
void focus ()
void repaint () noexcept
bool openFileBrowser (const FileBrowserOptions &options)
bool isEmbed () const noexcept
bool isVisible () const noexcept
void setVisible (bool yesNo)
bool isResizable () const noexcept
void setResizable (bool yesNo)
uint getWidth () const noexcept
uint getHeight () const noexcept
Size< uint > getSize () const noexcept
void setSize (uint width, uint height)
void setSize (Size< uint > size)
const char * getTitle () const noexcept
void setTitle (const char *title)
void setGeometryConstraints (uint width, uint height, bool aspect)
void setTransientWinId (uintptr_t winId)
double getScaling () const noexcept
bool getIgnoringKeyRepeat () const noexcept
void setIgnoringKeyRepeat (bool ignore) noexcept
ApplicationgetApp () const noexcept
intptr_t getWindowId () const noexcept
const GraphicsContextgetGraphicsContext () const noexcept
void addIdleCallback (IdleCallback *const callback)
void removeIdleCallback (IdleCallback *const callback)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onDisplayBefore ()
virtual void onDisplayAfter ()
virtual void onReshape (uint width, uint height)
virtual void onClose ()
virtual void fileBrowserSelected (const char *filename)
void _setAutoScaling (double scaling) noexcept


class Application
class Widget
class StandaloneWindow

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